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Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
OK, having a Sunday 8am session....just stinks! Thanks for everyone who suggested the hotel room though, I think it really helped! It was me & my daughter and her cousin & her mom. We arrived last night at the hotel and took a quick trip to the rec center. We did get lost though, LOL good thing it wasn't too far away. We stopped for dinner and by the time we got back to the room it was almost 9pm. We did a little tv and then lights out. The girls were really good & went right to sleep. They got up no problem and I think it was good they had each other. Got dressed, did the hair do thing and grabbed a quick breakfast (couple bites of cereal) leaving the hotel. We got there a tiny late 8:02 but had plenty of warm-up time.

Ok, my expectations going into was my DD's first year. We just got on the team in Feb and really didn't think she would even compete this year. She's not great, but with each meet showed improvement. She not talented IMHO, but has a lot of heart and seriously loves just being in the gym. Nobody expects much from her, she has the lowest scores on the team. We don't talk about gym when we leave practices or meets, there are no coach mom comments, just plenty of hugs and hi-fives. We try not to make a big deal out of medals and placements.

So today we just hoped that she would not fall off anything, LOL! She went on bars first. She had been doing great up until the last meet where she fell off and has been in a bit of a slump. She did not fall off today, but only got a 7.375. On beam, which has always been her worst event she talked out loud while on the beam trying to remember everything. Her coach and the beam judges were LOL. She didn't fall off, but was a little wobbly at times and lacks that polish with her arms and pointed toes and ended up with a 7.625. Floor was a 7.50, she had a slip somewhere and again lacks the grace sometimes trying to do the skills. On vault last. It is her best event but my least favorite. Last meet she shocked everyone with a 9.4 that they are still talking about, but for the past 2 weeks she hasn't vaulted very well at all in practice. Sometimes not at all and there certainly were no expectations for her to do well on this today. Even during warm-ups today she missed the mat and almost landed head/hands on the floor but her quick coach caught her by her ankles. When she vaulted from where I sat it did look good but I really still don't know a good vault from a great vault. Her coach had her arms up but I wasn't sure if it was a "good" arms up or "bad" arms up. It was a good one!

She got a 9.2!

Good enough for.......NJ USAG states level 4 (6yrs old) 4th place MEDAL! YEAH! I am really just so proud of her & she is so happy to come home with a medal. A teamate got 3rd on vault and it was the only medals in our session for our team. Competition is tough, there were alot of high 8's and 9's on all events. I am glad the meet season is over with and we are back to just practice again. She doesn't get too nervous, but I do. Keeping her at L4 again will allow her to maybe work on the grace and form for next meet season. Maybe we'll get 8's and 9's next year!:)
Feb 26, 2007
Wow, that is awesome. A medal just makes it all feel good. Just think how good next year will be.


Congratulations to her!!!! And remember - she is still very young- and if she has heart like you say she will do great. My dd was put on team at level four for the same reason. She is not the most natural, has flexibility issues, is going to be tall, etc. Anyway - she is also one of the hardest working kids in the gym - Now she just finished her level 6 season (placed on vault, floor and 7th all around out of 28 kids) and is training level 7. She still isn't the most natural, still has her flexibility issues - but she is a fighter. IMHO - the love of the sport is more important than natural talent. Congrats again to your daughter !!!

gymgirl0805's Mom

That's sooo awesome!! I bet she was sooo excited to get a medal..

Chelsea is a 2nd year L4 and let me say this, her scores are SOOOOOO much better than they were last year! I think if you think she needs a 2nd year of L4, she should do even better next year!!
Jul 12, 2007
Congrats to your little one one!! She has done fantastic this whole season... and sounds like she is going to be a powerful vaulter! We have a little friend that did L4 as a 6 yr old, and went through her struggles for season 1, and then repeated another season and took 1st or 2nd EVERYTHING @ every meet!

I would take heart and hard work with a passion for gym over talent any day! Heart always wins in the end:D


Blackie6 ~ Congrats to your dd!! :applause: She did great!! Our state meet is the first weekend in March. We have 3 meets before that. There's one where we have to be there at 7:30am. I'm getting a hotel room for the night before. If it was closer I'd leave from home but I'd rather take my time and not have to worry about problems on the road or bad weather.

Do you think she'll stay a Level 4 for another season? Great vault score! She must be so proud of that medal!!
Mar 7, 2007
Wow, she really well, even the 7´s are good. But man, that 9.2 awesome. Good for her. I am sure she will get better in the future. It is important that they love it.

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
Glad your dd had such a wonderful state meet!!! She must be on cloud 9 with a medal. State meet scores tend to run low since many judges see this as a "championship" meet and only want to reward the really great routines. So, she must have had an awesome vault.
Just makes me chuckle about her talking through her beam routine<G> At least these judges understood she was a 6yo and out there doing "her thing" as opposed to the judge that didn't appreciate her laughing on bars. Actually, my gymie told me she always talks to herself when she runs on vault. Just says words like "strong, tight" while getting to the springboard. I don't think the judges can hear her, but if they looked closely could see her lips moving.
Jan 5, 2008
What an exciting meet report. Congratulations to your daughter and her awesome 4th place state champion vault! GREAT JOB!

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