WAG Back handspring help !!

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Nov 18, 2020
I used to have such a solid back handspring and I’m trying to get it back because lately it’s been feeling way heavier and my arms are collapsing and bending !! This has never happened before and my back handspring is becoming like this consistently!! I have some videos of my better back handspring and the backhand springs I’ve been performing very recently ! I’ll attach them to this thread soon!
Not a coach, just an ex-gymnast/gym mom, but for me it looks like you're undercutting a lot in the last video. You're going up and down, instead of sitting and pushing back when you take off. Definitely limit the number you're doing without a spot like that because it looks really hard on your back and you don't want to injure yourself. Your best bet is to get a coach to take a look and help you get back to where you were before.
Not a coach, but if you own that video on YouTube and change the playback speed to 0.25 you can watch in slow motion. Compare your body shape at the exact moment your hands start to touch the ground. Your feet have reached a higher position in the first video compared to the last so you going to make it over easier.

This suggested to me that you had more power on the take off jump on the first video. If you think you might have lost power you could practice doing more jumps or flat backs. Otherwise it's possible that the angle of take off is lower on the last back handspring but I am not experienced enough to judge that
Try working the standing back handspring starting with your arms at horizontal in front of your rather than to your ears.

I find this one tweak fixes most problems like yours. Your arms are not fully swinging to the back, which is hard to do when you start with them to your ears and you don’t have the time.

Starting with then up can also affect the timing of your arm swing. The right timing of the arms and jump will generally fix the undercut.
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