WAG Back Handspring on Beam Jumping

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Oct 19, 2016
Hey guys! So, I am having a little bit of trouble with my backhandspring on beam. I have competed it all season with small mental blocks and what not, and just yesterday I missed my hand. My coach told me it was because I didn't jump enough and I just want some drills and things that would help me jump higher to avoid that. I am not scared of the skill, I have missed my hands about 3 times this season during practice, but I just want to avoid doing that. I am also noticing that when I work on my handstand backhandsprings on the floor beam that I get only a very small jump into it and it hurts my wrists and arms. Here is a video of my back handspring a while back when I first got it, ignore the bent legs I have since fixed those.
There is a drill where you do your back handspring up on to stacked panel mats. That should help you focus on jumping higher.
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