Back handspring stepout split help

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Nov 27, 2020
I’m trying to improve my stepout in my Bhs. I’ve been trying for years to split earlier so I have that beginning shape but I just can’t and I’m jot sure what to do. I have an okay split it’s not totally down and I’ve been trying to stretch my back more for flexibility there as well. I just feel like for some reason I can’t split early and kick out my leg without it going next to my back leg or my legs going apart. Anyone have tips?


Proud Parent
Dec 6, 2020
First of all, you need to jump high enough. If you cannot jump high enough, you won't have enough time to split your legs open. You'll be too low and your hands will hit early.

Start working on plyo/explosive leg conditioning and work on doing back handsprings up to a mat. First start off with a standing back handspring up to an 8" mat and then onto a panel mat.

Work on doing back handsprings to a straight handstand, making sure your hips are over your hands by the time your hands hit. Then move on to stepping out.

Practice sets of back handspring step-outs connected. See if you can get up to 5 in a row. Each one should jump higher than the last.

Eventually you should be able to jump high and split early like you want. But work on that plyo for your legs.
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