Back handspring stepout?

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Jun 27, 2009
What tips do you have for the form of the bhs step-out, the difference between these and normal bhs, and is it similar to a back walkover? any info on this skill would greatly appreciated. I would like the perspective of the gymnast... because I have heard what the caches want to see, but what does it feel like and how does it start? What are the biggest mistakes and bad habits to avoid? Just talk to me.


It's been a long time since I did one. :D
It feels a lot different (ie: scarier) to a BWO because you have to jump backwards instead of just lean, but is slightly easier (on your back) if your flexibility is a bit average. Step out is much easier (than two foot BHS) to land steadily and neatly on beam. And in the middle of a series it can give you an extra millisecond to prepare that the judges won't notice compared to BHS(2 foot),BHS.
Jun 26, 2009
Well, the back handspring step out is a skill used in the level 6 floor routine, and also used in a large amount of level 7 beam routines. The whole point of the skill is to do a backhandspring in a more interesting, elegant way. Here are some steps to do this skill:
1) You start off just like a normal backhandspring
2) As soon as your hands touch the ground/beam, split your legs with your good leg coming down first.
3) You should be able to hit a good split by the time you are ready to push off of the ground.
4) If you pause after your hands hit the ground, you are arching too much (sagging)
5) You are supposed to have a nice sharp pop off of the ground as soon as your hands touch the ground and your feet are heading the same way.
6) When your hands come off the ground, be sure to step your feet out into a good lunge, and to have your upper body lift up quickly.

So basically, over all, this skill is supposed to be smooth, fast, and done with straight knees and pointed toes.



Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
They are not scary for me at all! They were easy to learn too. It is just like a normal BHS, but as soon as you jump (remember to jump UP as much as you can), split your legs. Lots of people split their legs to late, which results in both feet landing at the same time. And make sure you keep your arms straight, and push tall on the takeoff and the landing! And as always, good form is the best idea :) For me, it feels nothing like a backwalkover.
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