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May 11, 2021
How long does it take to typically get a back handspring? My daughter does cheer and is doing level 1 tumbling rights now. (Cartwheel, Round off, back bend kick over, she just got her back walkover) She just started a intermediate tumbling class at gymnastics, because she is interested in getting better and enjoys working on BHS. She still needs lots of support when working on them, but she is liking it. No rush I am just curious… she just turned 7. She has shown a lot of growth this cheer season and I am proud of her. She walked in at cheer evaluations this past June and couldn’t even do a cartwheel, so I have been really happy with her progress.

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It varies! My DD is older and has been working them for several months and hasn't perfected them yet (she's been dealing with fear of backwards tumbling). Some kids pick it up quickly. Basically, don't worry, she'll get it when she's got it! ;)
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Jan 31, 2022
My daughter is 7 as well she has been working on her back handspring we just keep telling her when her mind and body are ready she will get it. It seemed to help her alot half the time she jumps over her spot and doesn't realize she did it by herself. Good luck on getting her new skill it's always exciting
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