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In my back handsprings I always land on my head. My arms just don't hold up and I collapse. Any help? Ideas? Thanks xx
1. Try holding handstand- even against a wall will build arm strength
2. Try to lock out your arms- like you're "stiff-arming" the floor
3. I always think of a BHS like a wave:you're back is on the wave and it is carrying you backward- this prevents me undercutting and really helps me. ;)
4. try straightening your legs. When I used to collapse, my legs were usually bent.

:D best of luck!! :)
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Make sure you head alignment is correct besides those other tips. do NOT tuck your chin in to your chest. Head neutal, eyes looking towards wrists without a shoulder angle or sticking your ears out. Arm strength, arm strength, arm strength. Lots of Wall HS, bridge kickovers, back bends, back walkovers. Doing them spotted with straight arms with a spotter or over an octagon/barrel or in a harness.
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