back hip circle and pullover ???

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i started gymnastics awhile back and i finally have my kick up around bar (well almost) i can do it first time on bar then i need a break ...the i can go again ..........any suggestions as to get it consistently ?
oh and what way does your head go ????
and i got my back hip circle one last week but i don't know what i did :L i usually pike when i hit the bar or when i do stay straight my head flys back and i fall under the bar anyone ????
thanks =]:D
Consistency will take practice and continue your conditioning. When you do your BHC try to concentrate on keeping your head tucked in, b/c that will decrease your chance of peeling off the bar(something my coach is always telling me, look at the bar). Grats on getting your pullover and BHC, I still can't do mine without a spot!!!
I always tell my kids to look at their toes on BHC. You want to be hollow with straight arms, but not piked. Looking at your toes will give you a visual to keep your head in.
I just got my BHC, and I tend to over-rotate, but I found that putting something reasonably sized under my chin helps my keep my head up, and I just try to stay really close to the bar.

Hope that helps!
Also, if you do not have a strong enough cast, then it is more difficult (though not impossible) to do the hip circle and keep the hollow. One thing we do to help our girls learn how to keep the hollow is to tie them to the bar. Yep, we really tie them up there. An elastic band around your back, over the bar, then tied behind your knees will keep you on the bar so that you can circle around the bar and focus on your body position. You can't get a very good cast from this, but you should still cast as much as you can when doing it. The band's resistance will help strengthen your cast and even the baby cast will give you enough momentum to get around when you're tied on.
In a pullover or kickover or back hip circle, the head needs to stay in. That means looking towards the bar is what I tell them. In reality it just needs to stay neutral, but if I don't tell kids to keep looking at the bar they throw their head which peels them off.

Sometimes when doing a kickover or pullover from a stand they will throw their head back as they kick their legs over and get their hips on. This may or may not work but its very poor form.

I would prefer they keep their chest close to the bar and never allow their arms to become straight when doing the kickover or pullover.

Only after they can do a pullup pullover on the bar would I like to see them do it with straight arms. This requires front lever strength besides the ability to do it from a hang or pullup position in pike position and a few other drills like pullup rock to candle/cradle or front lever and rock back ( and leg lift to candle lower down ).
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