back hip circle .help me im so desperate !!!!

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im 14 about 5ft 4 and average weight im not the strongest gymnast in my gym in ireland but im one of the more flexible having major problems with bar i cant do a pullover i cant to a kick around either my casts are good if i could keep my momention and my ballance and im sooooo depresed about my back hip circle i swing the biggest cast i can manage yet i stop and drop my hips !!!!!!its so annoying i need it for friday 5th and i have one training session left i can go on bar for about 10 mins ......what can i do to get my back hip circle or at least my pullover for friday ????????how much conditionoing do i nedd to do ?????be exact please ???btw i have a trampoline ..


Nov 29, 2008
Minn eee sooo ta! :)
For a pullover you should try to pull up to your chin and then bring your legs over the bar. Try to get your hips on the bar so you are balanced. That should help with that. With the backhipcircle, you don't need a huge cast, actually that could be not helping you. Try to keep your hips on the bar. Hope this helps. :)


I had a huge problem with back hip circles as well, don't worry.

1. For the pullover: what I had to do was work on my strength- begin practicing pullups and pushups, and some abdominal work. After a couple of weeks I found out I had no problem with my pullovers.
2. For the back hip circle: the trick that did it for me was to cast and keep my body straight until my hips hit the bar. I used to throw my shoulders back/pike, and that would result in awful, awful whiplashes. When I keep straight and tight, once I hit the bar I let it pike me and I go along with it (it's important not to resist the motion- trust the bar!).
Also, keep your hands as straight as you can.
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