Back hip circle help!!!!

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Jan 2, 2012
Washington, Utah
Ok so, I have been having trouble with my back hip circle. Here's my problem, I can't get around the bar I cast off the bar and begin to go around but then I fall back down when my body is horizontal to the ground. I only have three practices till my first meet and I'm nervous that if I fall on that then I'll make my team lose because of my low score. Any tips?
Make sure you are keeping your head neutral and not trowing it back. You could also try to think about piking a little. Its not the perfect technique but it might help a little if you are dropping your hips. Try to have a coach spot you until you get the feel for it. Practice makes perfect so keep working on it. Even if you can't compete bars cause you don't have all your tricks it isn't the end of the world cause there are always more meets.
I think I know what you mean, when I first got my back hip circle this was happening to me, too.
Here's what you do: first, make sure that you are going fast enough, because if you don't have enough speed, its much harder to get around.
Second, if the meet is that close, try to do anything just to get yourself around. Even if it is sloppy for this one meet, that's better than falling. Less points off.
Third, make sure that you are staying close to the bar and not letting your hips drop. If you don't keep close to the bar, it is much harder to get around and you tend to loose speed.
I hope I helped :)
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