WAG back hip circle - tie onto the bar

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May 14, 2010
New Paltz, United States
I have a girl who simply can't do a back hip circle. We've been trying since July! She just throws her had back and never gets back to the bar after her cast. I read some old threads on here about actually tying the girl to the bar so she can practice herself over and over again. How do you do that? I tried yesterday but couldn't figure it out. Right now I'm resigned to the fact that I will have to spot her during her meets but perhaps she could get it. She finally has her pullover, but not always consistent. She can usually get up, but has a hard time lifting her upper body to finish in the front support.
Not a big fan of the rope and pad method. It has to be adjusted for each different size child, and I find a lot of wasted time is involved, and not necessarily a lot of results. Is she trying to do it with a hollow shape? I teach it as a tuck around the bar at first. I tell them 'wrap your hips around the bar'. After they can do that (I know, it looks gross at first) ;) I have them make it look more like a pike, and then laid out. Good luck, and let us know how it turns out. :)
I can certainly try it. She casts and just flies backwards off the bar. She never comes back to the bar and always throws her head back. I have tried tucking things under her chin and that hasn't helped. Is she hollow? Heck no. She is totally arched. I am trying.
Please don't try this -- a coach used this with my daughter and she was injured when she slipped through the binding since she couldn't get herself free nor could she control which way she was swinging while being stuck in the rigging. Banged her head, then fell out and hurt her neck. AND she was then afraid of the bars for weeks and pretty much never came to trust that coach again. At the very least, be sure you are right there spotting, not allowing her to work on her own!
I can't figure out how to make it work anyway.

She does do three casts. They are pretty awful casts. I have been trying everything with her. One day she might get it. She managed a pull over. It just took forever.
It is often hard for the kids to get if they can't do pullover, roll down to chin hang, swing to pullover. It is hard for kids over 9 or 10 or so to get this in my experience. Sometimes they can still get the back hip from a better understanding of how to use momentum. But conditioning will help more than ANYTHING else. Also, have her hold a noodle against her thighs and fall back with her chin in on the resi.
Have her get into a good front support and shape into a very slight dish.

Try to bend her out of that shape while she works to maintain that shape..... call it a shape lesson.

Set the low bar so you can easily reach under it to her lower back while the other arm reaches just above the back her knees.

Tell her do nothing to make the skill happen and to concentrate on her grip and shape.... absolutely nothing should move.

Now the tricky part... use your head to push just below her sternum and force her upper body into the circle. Use your hands to keep her spinning and against the bar.

You'll both be pleasantly surprised.

Get her around the bar 10 times and then start with a gentle cast about 6 inches up and away from the bar. Her motion from the top of the cast back to the bar will replace 90% of the spotting work.

Figure the rest of the way to be easy.

Here is a video you can see how you should tie her onto the bar. if you use rope, it goes just like the "hip circle machine" in the video, but you tie the ends of it tightly on the side. The rope goes under her butt and on her lower back, and in front it goes around the bar.

Here is an example how you put the rope on the bar. Then the gymnast just puts her hands outside of the rope hole and feet and hips inside. Then just tighten the rope and tie it.

My DD was struggling with this too. I happened to be at practice when they were doing them and all the others in her group just got on with it and she didn't. When I asked her afterwards it turned out she was scared of going backwards and hurting herself, we had a chat about it and I suggested she watched the other girls to see if any of them hurt themselves in the way she thought she might or looked even close to it. The following practice she ran into the house afterward shouting "I got my back hip circle and it wasn't scary once I believed I could do it".
This is an awfully long winded way of saying, have you spoken to her about it in other ways than explaining the technical side? If there is a fear then this may be causing the head thing, my DD even with a spot looked awful before she believed she wasn't going to get seriously hurt doing it.
Love the hip kip trainer that speith Anderson sells! You can do forward and backward hip circles as well as kip progressions. Worth the money!
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