For Parents Back in the gym again


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Feb 6, 2014
Twin Cities
Hey again to everyone who remembers us, and hello for the first time to people who don’t!

My D is now all settled in at Oxford and signed up for the gymnastics team today. She starts practicing Saturday- and she signed up for trampolining too! The whole year of gymnastics, including membership to the British association so she can compete, is around $175 and includes two practice a week for the school year. How amazing is that? She hasn’t been in a gym since July, but long breaks are apparently her norm now, and there is zero pressure to get or have any particular skills at all, so she can just be happy to be back in the gym.

Anyway, it’s an exciting new adventure!


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Oct 10, 2013
Sydney Australia
What a great feeling.

My 13 year old is back at training today too.

She is there for the first time since mid June, as our shutdown is coming to a tentative end today. It is not over yet, there are still lots of restrictions and unvaccinated people over 16 are still in shutdown. But gymnastics training is back on for kids and fully vaccinated teenagers and my daughter is very happy.