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Jul 20, 2009
Region 3
Flipper missed 2.5 weeks of gym and school with H1N1. She had seemed to recover by the end of the first week, but was very sick again on Monday - and is still not at 100%.

While sick at home, she became convinced she would never get back in shape or be able to perform her most difficult skills. "I might as well quit!" In the car on the way home last night she informed me that gym is just fun. "Mom, my coaches say that I am awesome and they don't think I am wimping out by leaving early!" I love her new coaches - they saw she had run out of steam and asked her to stop, go home and continue to recover. She repeated, "I just feel more like me when I go to gym."

Anybody else fighting this stuff?


Proud Parent
Oct 3, 2009
Phoenix, AZ
Hope she is doing a lot better now. For the gymnastics part I believe she will bounce back in no time. My daughter was also missing gymnastics for a full week with flu ( it was a regular flu). She got the flu on a saturday night right after a meet. She ended up missing a week practice and another meet. She is fully recovered now.


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
My DD missed 2 weeks of gym in Feb of 2007 with the flu & pnuemonia. She bounced back pretty quickly, she had lost some weight & strength but it was back in a few weeks (2-3).

As long as her coaches are understanding & supportive she'll be fine.

Glad she is feeling better.
Oh, we feel your pain. Bean missed 2 of the last 3 weeks with flu that developed into pnemonia. She was out for a week, back for 3 days, then out for another week. She returned last Saturday and hacked her way through practice and went to bed at 6, as soon as she got home. Monday was a bit better, she skipped cardio to avoid the hack attacks, Wednesday, better still, and today she finally came home smiling and saying she had a pretty good practice.

It sure takes a lot from them when they get so wiped out with illness. Even today, Bean's best day since returning, she said she was winded after doing a run through on her floor routine.

I'm sure your little flipper will be great, just give her a bit of time, and remind her that her body is still recovering, so taking it a bit easier is a good thing. They all seem to go back and try to give 150% when their little bodies are still at 75%

I'm looking forward to the update when she's feeling great again!!


I had flu last week. I run for my college's cross country team, and we have conference on Saturday. My flu started Monday afternoon so I biked instead of running. Tuesdays are our hardest workout day. It's also the day my fever reached over 104. I had actually woken up from nap #4 of the day shivering when I went to practice. My coach told me to do the workout on the treadmill instead of running 3 miles to the place we were going to do it. I did 3 of the repeats before I nearly collapsed and went home. Wednesday I couldn't practice at all. My fever broke on Thursday and I was set on running. But I got tired just standing up for more than 5 minutes, so to the bike I went. Friday I ran, albeit slowly and Saturday I pulled everything together for our workout, only to completely crash on the way home (we drove though so it was ok).

Our coach takes things way seriously and he gave us a lecture about how he doesn't care if we're sick right now, he wants us running. He says he ran his best 50k with a fever and when he hadn't been able to sleep the night before.

My cough and runny nose still aren't gone which is more annoying than anything else. I've been getting a lot of sleep so hopefully I'll be able to pull everything together for Saturday.

So long story summed up, I feel the pain of being sick. It's awful, especially for dedicated athletes who want to give everything they have all the time. I hope everyone recovers beautifully!


Glad she's finally getting better. Beth had it a few weeks ago, but missed just 4 days of practice--she thought that was enough and felt the same way--that she'd lose all her skills. Glad to see Flipper is doing great after some time off.
Feb 8, 2008
About a year and a half ago one of my teammates finally got her kip after almost a year working at it only to get mono the next month. I wanna say it took her 3-4 months to be back and healthy, and she's still building strength back up. She wasn't allowed to be on bars for the longest because she could rupture her spleen or something like that. It took a while but she got that kip back!
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