Back Layout Tips & Diving

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Gym Geek

May 29, 2019
Okay, so I have two questions...
1. I have been doing back tucks for a bit now at gymnastics practice. Lately, I’ve been focusing on spotting and it has gotten really good. I’ve had no experience whatsoever working layouts of any kind. Now, my diving coach (I do diving as well) would like me to do a back layout off the 1 meter springboard. Whenever I try a back layout off the board, I pike too much. My form isn’t the greatest either. Please share tips for this skill (and layouts in general) as well as easy drills I could use to practice at home.

2. My dive coach also says all of my back flips are going too vertical and close to the board. I fear this means I may hit it. In gymnastics, I learned to keep saltos as vertical as possible, so this is counterintuitive. Is there a way I could master making my back tuck away from the board without hurting my gymnastics training?

Thank you!
I’m not really sure how to help you with the diving problem, as my coach always yells at me for being too far away from the board. For layouts in gymnastics, set high, squeeze you butt, and keep you head in.
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