WAG Back split leg/bridge kick over

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Jan 11, 2015
When I try to do a kick over I don't make it over. I am a level 4 gymnast and it is really holding me back! I just figured out that my back split leg/ the leg I am not kicking with is my problem. My right leg(kicking/cartwheel leg) can kick far enough to but my left leg follows it up right before I get to a right angle.
Does anyone know any good stretches or anything I can do to help?

Thank you!
2 things: 1) work your splits at home, every day 2) Are your shoulders over your hands on the bridge?
Are your BWOs affected by this? Just curious as sometimes when my kickover doesn't work my BWO does! I definitely suggest working on your shoulder flexibility if your hands aren't under your shoulders. You can do bridges against a wall or other surface and try to push your chest to it. That really helped me!
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