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Sep 9, 2019
Ive asked questions about mega successful gyms. And at first DD (9) was wanting to try them out at the end of her T&T season. But as we got into season, it was very apparent she did not want to quit T&T. She says a part of her misses artistic, but she really doesnt want to quit T&T to go back. So I found her a gym that is agreeing to let her continue T&T. And right now, she is happy. The coaches know the situation. They know she is very love/hate with artistic right now. They are ok with that. Shes not competing yet. She may compete in August. The head coach is sweet and extremely gentle, which I think is probably the best thing for her. Between T&T and artistic, she is only in the gym about 11.5 hours a week. Which is a huge decrease from the 20 hours she was doing. So Im happy with that. I personally think she will quit artistic again. But I think she needs to quit on her terms. Shes told me she kind of felt forced out of the sport by her previous coach. We will see what happens. :)
Well, she really is done. She had some really good days, got some new skills. But last night she came home and told me that she really is done. The spark just isnt there anymore. She says she wants to love it the way she used to but she just doesnt. It was alot quicker than I thought honestly. But Im happy she now feels like she got to make this decision.
Not open for further replies.