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This week was an eventful week. I pretty much broke the bank with the back to school shopping. Clothes X 3/Knapsacks X 3/Lunch bags X 3/Supplies X 3/new competitive gear..the list goes on!

The reason for my post is to share that my little runt of a child just bought her 1st pair of size 7 jeans!! Lol! She still fit the 6 in length, but the Old Navy Skinny jeans (which she loves) were too narrow in the thighs to accommodate her muscles!! So she now has 2 pairs of “awesomeâ€￾ jeans (her words!) and I’m thrilled because they were on sale, and about an inch longer than she needs, so good until she wrecks them!!

How’s everyone else doing with the back to school prep? We start back on the 8th.
Feb 26, 2007
Oh my goodness, it's been a year for that. Oldest, DS, left this week for cegep in Montreal (this would be after high school and before uni in Quebec) SO getting him organised has been a real trip. Plus of course he left, though luckily for me he came back for the weekend with his dirty laundry, aw! He actually begins classes on the 24th and hopefully will cope with the way schedules are in cegep, not in high school any more batman. Also we are now paying for him to live away from home and jobs are few and far between in Montreal for kids with limited experience. It is a big university city and therefore he is way down on the list of hirees.

The girls begin school on the 31st, before labour day in Quebec! I have all the school supplies taken care of but next week is the clothes shopping and all those appointments that need doing. Waiting for the school fees bills (quite high in Quebec for public school), this will be followed very closely by the bill for the year of gymnastics for the two girls.

Glad you got some Old Navy bargains, there and Urban Planet have become my first stops for jeans. I can't stand paying a fortune when they grow so fast. Of course the two older kids are way out of the kids sizes, the difference between a 12 and a 16 at kids store is ridiculous, but I guess they make more money, and taxes, if my 13 year old has to buy a ladies xxs.

Bean must be thrilled to find jeans that fit, it can be such a hassle to fit a gym body in clothes that are designed for regualr kids. SHoulders are an issue in our house, they are wide when styles are skinny.

Glad you got it all finished, better than fighting with the crowds.
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Really easy for us. DD goes to parochial school so its a Uniform. Just needed to get one pair of pants for length but everything else still fits from prior years at 74 lbs the waist stays the same. We did need to get new socks too. and the general school supplies (pens, pencils, paper etc).

Son well he is in his last year of High School and in his school they just wear their street clothes which he has plenty of so its just new sneakers. As far as school supplies go we won't know what he needs until he has class as every teacher wants something different.

so total spent so far $170 USD.


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
I feel your pain. Had to buy everything times 3 here too! I recently bought 3 new backpacks at LL Bean (online since they have 100% guarentee for life), new lunch boxes, school supplies, and new sneakers.

I won't do serious clothes shopping until after school starts and the sales begin. Since it is still warm here in NJ the kids are still in shorts until Oct sometimes anyway. I did take advantage of a sale for my little one (the gymmie) at the Justice for girls store. They had 40% off at the store (and online too!) but she also really needed jeans and this year I am having a hard time w/sizes as well. She is 8, but instead of me just holding pants up, eyeballing the size and buying, now she has to come with me and try on. Skinny jeans are popular here too and she is not quite liking them & they just don't fit her. Too tight in upper legs and too big in waist. I think I will try Old Navy like you suggested! Boys are into name bands now (13 and 11 yrs) and I bought a couple cheap shirts at Aeropostale outlet store while I was on vacation in NC.

I am not quite done yet. I have to do one last inventory of the lists and the supplies and make one more run I think. We start school early this year, before Labor Day on Sept 2nd. I am not looking forward to another year of 3 kids in 3 different school w/3 different start and finish time. I would love to work more hours but it is hard with that kind of schedule.
Sep 8, 2007
My dd starts school Mon. first year in public school always used uniforms before .So never needed much clothes.Its been fun we have tough time with jeans also trying to find a pair to fit over her thighs but still fit in the waist and not to long .Good thing the leggings have came back she loves them.Also some of the tops are to tight in the arms.


We go back on the 8th too, and I have to say I am QUITE looking forward to it, LOL! It is very difficult to get anything done when I have the kids home all day - I love them to death but they are very interactive with me and it's HARD to do my work (I work mostly from home) - of course all those trips back and forth to the gym 5 days a week don't help either :D - and now that our son is doing competitive (he just started this summer after 5 years of rec) it is just amazing how much time I spend at that darned place!

CGM, that is too funny about Bean and her jeans - A has just gone into a size 8 slim a few months ago.....


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Oct 10, 2008
Our schools have been back for 2 weeks (most of them) but I home school and didn't have much on the sched these weeks (and we were at the beach last week). This is the first week of the "grind," where we are at about 80%? of the formal fall schedule. DD will start with her new level 2 team (they started the school year sched while we were at the beach), and dance (started while we were at the beach), and DS will be on his same tumbling schedule. Music classes do not start until the end of the month. I hope to firm up a once a week swim stroke clinic this week.

I buy DD a lot of clothes, and most of the time she is in a leo or a swimsuit :)

We have been buying "school supplies" gradually. I need to get a couple more books, figure out Spanish software, ? I did get the stuff for the home school music conservatory.


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
DD & DS start ok Wednesday. CYM, I bought DD skinny jeans @ Old Navy too !! They were on sale for $10.00 !! She is 9 but needed a 7 slim even in the skinny. I wanted skinny jeans for DS too as he is also a beanpole !! But they didn't have them for boys.

School supplies were not too bad. We don't usually buy too many clothing items ahead of time. It's warm until October so I just got them each a couple shirts for now, we'll see what everyone is wearing once school starts

Monday is back to school night so we will find out who their teachers are and what time the buses will come.


so far we have spent $0.00 on back to school stuff. We home school:):)

Actually we have spent some money on what could be considered school like stuff. Our money doesn't go towards supplies and clothes as much as curriculum, books and the like...


Dont' start until Sept 8th here. Beth's switching from a Catholic school (uniforms!) to a public one, so she needs to check her clothing supply and see what she needs. I hope not much as I have to spring for a new competition leo and warmup soon too!
Mar 5, 2008
North America
We go back on the 31st here. I did all the school supply shopping (x2) already and luckily didn't need to buy too much clothing since mostly everything still fit them. DD is still wearing the same size pants (7 or an 8 depending on the cut) for the 3rd year in a row so she is BOUND to have a growth spurt soon! She will turn 11 in January and it seems like the winter is when she grows. We'll see! I think they are ready to go back to school--I think they are getting bored at home now that the summer gymnastics camp is over.

Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
As others have mentioned, my dd goes back on the 8th as well as does her little brother. Dd goes to catholic school and really the only thing that I need to get her this yr are new socks. I am almost ashamed to admit that I have not bought new socks for her since Kindergarten (school socks that is). The elastic is so bad and the heel was wearing thin, it is time (I still need to do it.) I've done some trading with other moms so she is pretty much set with her skorts and I bought new polo shirts for her in the spring. I will need to buy white blouses and turtlenecks around the end of September for winter uniform that takes affect the beginning of Oct. I am very happy that dd doesn't grow because her little brother is costing me a fortune. He goes to public school (long story!)

I've had to buy new jeans for him and I'll need new layering shirts as the weather starts to change.

Still waiting for dd to get her new floor and beam routines. Also the meet fees are going to starting coming shortly too! :eek:


At my house September is more costly than December LOL! DD age 11 hit that huge growth spurt and needed new everything. Which includes new comp leo and warm-ups ouch! We also love the Old Navy slim skinny jeans! Luckily though younger DD age 8 gets all of older DD hand me downs. We have some chioldren starting school on Sept 1st and some on Sept 8th due to diffferent school boards. Looking forward to getting back to routine!

Midget's Dad

We have been back to school for 3 weeks. 1st grade at dds private school is the start of the mandatory uniform. The one problem was finding pants to fit her. Length she fits in a 6, well they are a little long, but they have to be very slim. Even the normal slim 6s were falling off.

Luckily my better half is a shopping genius and finally found some pants that actually fit.


We start back the 8th too. Add me to the list of parents with pygmie gymnasts. My dd turns 8 in October and the size 5 jeans from Old Navy are still a bit too long. She tried on the 6s and they were ridiculously big. I really think ON runs large, though. I bought her only one pair as all her other jeans and pants still fit from last year and as the smallest kid on her team she is the recipient of many hand me downs.

I did have to buy new jeans for my 11 year old ds, though. He's outgrown nearly everything from last year and my 9 yo dd needed a few new pairs as well. I'm looking at three new backpacks too! Ugh!

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