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Jan 26, 2008
So about 1 month and a half ago I went for an MRI of my wrist and last week I learned I had almost nothing. After having pain in my wrist for 9 months, the surgeon told me I have a cyst but he thinks this isn't the thing that cause my pain because its too small. He thinks its something to do with my wrist being 'to much flexible'' and that it probably won't heal... I'm still going to go see another hand surgeon to make sure there is nothing to do with this.

Anyway so I got back training last week a day after my b-day lol. And yeah I'm really happy to be back, well I'm not actually fully back because I still can't do stuff with my hand. I tried swiming the other day but it hurts to much and I had trouble moving my hand the next day... My coach has to tape me hand at every pratice because if it's not tape, it even hurts when I just jump around.

I also made this thread to show you a new montage I made today. It's about my team and I training. And I decided to put it here because it shows that even though we are not at the elite level, or anything near that, training is still hard. I'm in there at around 0:23 doing a switch leap on the beam. (you can see my hand is tape).

Hope you'll like the montage and tell me what you think of it!!!

Oh and I also have another thing to ask everyone. I need advice on back tuck on the beam. I use to had that skill pretty easily on high beam but I use to grab my knees. But now I can't even touch them because of my wrist so I'm having a lot of trouble with the back tuck. I'm not scared to do them, I'm just scared to hurt myself... But my coach doesn't get that! She thinks I'm just scared !!!!Could you give me some advice on the back tuck or other things to do???

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