WAG back tuck required for xcel gold?

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No. There are two tumbling passes required:
1. two directly connected flight elements (round off Backhandspring, front handspring step out roundoff
2. Two directly connected flight elements OR a front tuck OR Aerial
They are not allowed to do B saltos (back layout 1/2, front like, front layout), but may do other saltos.

At our gym, most of our golds compete Roundoff backhandspring and front tuck. Some do two backhandsprings and front tuck, and a couple will do round off back handspring back tuck and either front tuck or round off Backhandspring. We have also had girls do round off back handspring and roundoff Backhandspring Backhandspring. The front handspring step out passes have been tricky for us on getting credited, so they don't often happen, and the side aerials tend to not score as well in our experience. Theoretically you could also do front handspring front tuck, but our gym generally doesn't train that enough in the lower gold levels.
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