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Proud Parent
Mar 15, 2021
I have a gymnast that is an Xcel Gold. She struggles with a block on her back tumbling off and on. We typically try to ignore it and have her do front tumbling when this happens. Looking for some possible options.

First pass: Front handspring, Front tuck,

Is a front pike an option for the second pass? She can also do a side aerial, a Barani, and has just started a front layout.

Needing to get creative. This has been a 4 year struggle and I’m not sure she will ever fully recover. It may always be something she struggles with.

(Did I mention when she does do her back tumbling, it is beautiful also!)


Sep 29, 2013
If she is an Xcel Gold, then B saltos are not allowed so no front pike or front layout. She could do the side aerial or an isolated front tuck.

FHS-FT first pass and FP (or FLO) second pass will be perfect for when she is ready for Platinum. FHS-FP and FHS-FT (or a layout for either one) will get her to Diamond without ever going backwards on Floor.
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