WAG Back walkover back handspring on beam

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Mar 15, 2010
I've been having some issues with BWO BHS on beam- more mental than anything else! Are there any drills I can do at home to make myself more comfortable? I have a foldable floor beam "line" I can use. Thanks!

EDIT: coaches, do you prefer your gymnasts to do BWO BHS two foot or BWO BHS stepout? I'm working both. Personally I'm more comfortable with two foot but one of my coaches wants me to do stepout.
I like the bhs step-out but won't stand in the way of a kid who shows a knack for the 2 foot landing. my main concern is the foot position as the 2 foot kids have a tendency to surf the beam with both feet turned the same direction.

Try some bhs 2 foot and bhs step-outs on a line and close your eyes as soon as you stretch into your take-off. Keep them closed until you control your landing. Check to see how close to the line you are. Yuo just may be better than you think.
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When doing the bwo, really push through the beam with your hands to close the gaps between your shoulders and ears, this will stabilise the handstand portion and slow you down. Make sure you are looking along the beam and see both feet land on the beam before going into the bhs.

Practice going from a split handstand into your bhs too. Start slowly and speed up when you are happy that you see both feet land every time.

Keep doing hundreds in a situation where you feel comfortable before moving on (eg. Low beam, matted and padded, before removing mats/pads)

I'm also in favour of the bhs step out, but again, if a gymnast is proficient in the 2 footed landing, I'd leave it!
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