WAG Back walkover on beam??:(

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Jun 12, 2015
Okay, so I am having trouble with my back walkover on beam. I have it in the floor perfectly and I have it on a chubby beam and red squishy low beam really good. I need my back walkover on the HIGH beam for level 5(I am competing level 4 this fall) I don't have it on the real low beam yet:( I think I'm just scared to try it. But whatever it is I would love some tips, drills, advice, etc. I am scared that I'm not going to get my back walkover for next year and that I'm going to have to stay in level 4 for two years Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
Fear can be very debilitating. First you know you can do it, so it's not a question of whether you can do it or not. It's the fear of falling while doing it.
Remember that you will not miss the beam with your hands. If you miss, it will be with your feet, but that's no biggie cuz you just jump off. Watch your teammates doing it, and see how they try the first few times.....
Visualize, positive talk, and count to three.......get used to doing it 1,2,3 go.....on the low beam, then on the middle beam and then on the high beam. Try not to overthink.....

You CAN do it.
I feel you completely. I get that fear is overwhelming. However, physically you can do it, it's mentally you can't. Build up to high beam. Floor line, extender, floor beam, low beam, medium beam, gradually getting higher until your reach the goal. I find that having a teammate say 3 2,1 helps. DON'T THINK. I know that sounds impossible. I know. Just get up and go before you have a chance to back off. Remember that your hands will not miss, and it is often easier to control than something like a cartwheel bc you can see the beam. Good luck
ODD had this same problem. Her coach put big mats along side the high beam, starting with them all the way up to the top so it was level. Then every 10 good BWO, she removed one mat, so it went down a few inches, continuing until there were no mats at all. She's done pretty well since then
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I cant really give you any tips on getting your hands on, because I have that problem too. However, landing it is just like finishing a handstand, and I presume you can do that.
do you do panel mats on the low beam, so that you can fold away one layer at a time? so it's virtually flush to start, then only taking away a inch or two at a time.
The panel mat deal worked great for my dd! Which fear are you having, the hands or the feet?
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