Backbend kickover

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Jun 4, 2013
I need a backbend kickover ASAP. I was supposed to have it before we started competing a year ago. But I had every other skill so I put it off. My back isn't very flexible but I can do a backbend now. My shoulders aren't flexible and that's the problem. I can do a kickover off of the lowest stair. So like 8 inches off the ground. I want to get it ASAP. Does anyone know any drills or ways to get it within a few days or a short time? I need it for evaluations which is probably after state in a week.
It will take time, unfortunately. Though before you even think about the walkover you should get your kickover on the flat floor. Just do lots of shoulder and chest and back stretches. Cat stretches, backbends with elevated feet focusing on pushing the chest back, etc etc.

Oh, also try taking a stick, tube, bar, towel, whatever you have, and doing shoulder rolls (inlocates/dislocates).
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As Brandon says, it will take time. You can't increase flexibility overnight but if you would hard on it then you can improve it dramatically.

To get a bridge kick over you need to be at least flexible enough to do a bridge with straight arms and shoulders over the top of hands, work on this and once the flexibility is there the kick over will become doable.

You want to focus more on developing the flexibility of your shoulders rather than your back. Put your hands on a ledge (like the kitchen bench) and push down and hold as long as you can.

Also do bridges with your feet on an elevated surface and push your shoulders over your hands, this will concentrate the stretch more into your shoulders and it will take the pressure off your back.
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I found a kick over to be based more on handstand strength

I know you might think I'm crazy but that's what I've found

How's your handstand
Cat stretch is good, what I like even more if you have access to one is stall bar cat stretch/pike. It stretches the shoulders more.

As well any kind of shoulder mobility stuff is good. Wall slides, stick pass-thrus, stretching out the pecs. I really like cuban presses for internal/external shoulder rotation.

You can also look up some of the stuff.
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Put the leg that you use to kick over on a raised surface and kick over from there. When you can do this, lower the height of the raised surface. Practice loads and it will just click.
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