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Nov 3, 2008
I just started gymnastics last week. I can do anything else i'm asked to do, but i can't do a backbend. Its like i'm scared to go backwards or something. And if i do try, i land on my head. Help!:(


You just started gymnastics last week? I wouldn't be worried at all that you can't do a back bend yet. It is a more advanced skill than handstands and cartwheels so give it a bit of time.

Work on your bridges and rocking back and forth over your shoulders in a bridge. This will help increase the flexibility needed for a back bend. I would also recommend practicing back bends over an octagon so you can practice them safely.


Jun 24, 2008
One of the tricks to backbends is learning to stretch up as tall as you can before you go back. You don't want your head to go back first. I usually teach backbends going onto an 8-inch mat, and once they can control it onto an 8-incher, they can move to floor. A lot of kids don't understand how to push their hips over their feet while going backwards, and so they fall back too quickly and hit their heads.

In any case, I hit my head a lot on backbends on floor, and I've done gymnastics for 14 years. LOL, it hasn't prevented me from doing a lot of things.
Oct 19, 2008
New York
i actually just taught myself took about a month, but its worth it
I just walked my hands down the wall until i was in a bridge....every day...twice a day
and i held bridges for 10 seconds at a time
and tried to rock back on them
as i got closer and closer to doing one, i put an object (like a stepstool) that was about 6 inches from the ground and tried to c if i could do it then...
then, once i could, i put down books (4 inches from the ground, then 2)
and then one day i realized i could do it!
I dont know if it will take u that long, and i cheated and skipped some on some days, but for the most part i did it everyday
and for banging my head, I put pillows down sometimes but mostly did it on a really soft carpet without socks on so i wouldnt slide
also...try not to bend ur arms the second they touch the ground...try to lock them if u can- then u wont be able to hit ur head cuz ur hands will prevent ur from falling
sorry if that was really long and covoluted, but i hope i helped
good luck!
i also taught my self to do a backbend myself (in one day! :cool:)

i just kept doing over and over again with cushions where my head would go and i eventually got it.

since its only your first week, i wouldnt worry about it. some skills, just like this one take time to learn especially technique and to stop you developing bad habits.
omg they were so hard for me too
i only stated a few months ago and when i was learning i tried them on my trampoline but that wasnt such a good idea to start off with.

You should trying doing it beside a couch, and catching it with your hands as you go backwards.

When you get more confident step a little away from the couch and do it (make sure your not to far away just incase you get scared and need to catch the couch)

Once you can do that, its good idea to get used to them on the trampoline.

It took me a day to learn and a week to get used too. Now i can do them on hard floor.

Hope that helps.. thats how i learnt =]
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