Backhand spring :d

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I JUST GOT MY BACKHANDSPRING ON THE FLOOR! im so exited, so i was wondering if you have any tips for me? thanks !

p.s. it hurts my elbows, do you know why?:confused:
Well done!!!!

Are your hands placed correctly, i.e. not turned out. Try doing a back handspring with chalk on your hands to check placement.
maybye, because it feels like they are doing that. but the thing is, im not that flexible :p
do you have a roundoff backhandspring yet??? is not the to train to get it jump then go to backhandspring and if you have it make shure you pop out through your toes and ceep your elbows locked and you should be ok :)
If you have natural hyperextension in your elbows it would be a good idea to:

-focus on supinated pullups (palms face you)

-do dumbbell or barbell curls

-climb rope

-work more bent arm strength like pushups and dips, then handstand pushups

-of course be able to hold a HS against the wall for 1 minute
This is not necessarily an elbow problem. I would have to see it to be sure. If my instincts are correct then many kids when they do their first back handsprings on their own sag their back. They put a lot of weight on their hands and it stays there for a long time before they finally land on their feet. For crying out loud (look under) push your shoulders out and get rid of that sag in your back and get rid of that long delay getting off your hands. Remove the flop from your flip flop. Lets change it to a flip n fly. The flip flop wasn't designed with a rest stop on the way to your feet.

Also, the flip flop is not a chance to express your back flexibility. If your big toes are still touching the floor when your hands land on the mat behind you then what the flop are you flipping? Almost nothing. Jump! How high? Enough not to jam down on your elbows. You should look like a rocket on the way to Pluto except you high five the earth on the way.
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