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Backhand springs

Discussion in 'Gymnast Forum' started by J18osborne, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. I need help I am self taught and would say I’m pretty good I’m 12 years old and have been teaching my self for about 5 mounths I know I’m ready but since I’m old there’s fear involved and also know one to help me just ask and I will give you videos of anything I really need help with fear and form and jumping backwards I live in pa so if you live there two maybe we can meet up and u can help me plz answer sorry if this is to broad ok thx for resding all this sorry if I have bad grammar I hope to be hearing from you bye have a nice day

  2. Two of the words gymnastics coaches often fear the most are “self taught”. I strongly recommend that you look into getting proper training, please don’t just try to throw tricks you haven’t been taught how to do properly, or copy YouTube tutorials or have non qualified people spot you.

    At best this will lead to poor technique, which will result in stopping you from being able to progress. At worst it can lead to very serious injury, paralysis or even death.
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  3. Thx for the advice but I was in “proper training “ and they were rude and put me in physical pain bc they wouldn’t go my speed I was very successful in self taught better than that “proper training” has ever done all they do was push me down in my splits until I cried and look we’re im at now I have my splits and my backlimber thanks for the advice and sorry if that came off rude just when I think about the “proper training “ I get angry
  4. You're 12. You actually aren't allowed here until you are 16. And don't go teach yourself back handsprings, it's very dangerous.

    And I'm sorry that you had that experience with your former gym, but I don't think most gyms are like that. Isn't there another gym you could try? You can also look into acro classes at a dance studio.

    Good luck!
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  5. I have a question why is this forum a thing when ppl can just ask there coaches
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