backhandspring help!!!!!!

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Oct 17, 2009
:)I'm competing soon and i need help on my ROBHS. my legs are always \bent and seperated. what can i do to fix this. its really annoying me and i want to get this fixed before my meet. thanks!
Sep 19, 2008
Make sure you squeeze your behind and point your toes! That's the best general advice I've got for leg separation and bend. Core strength and blocking ability have a lot to do with bh. If either aren't there people come up with creative alternatives that turn into bad habits once they're physically capable of relying on good form for execution of the skill. What do you hear your coach saying to you regarding this skill?
Oct 17, 2009
they are saying to squeeze but in the ROBHS i dont think about it as much, especially in my routine, do you know what im saying? I try straightning them but they still end up slightly bent and seperated. thanks for the tip!


Try to PUSH against the floor as long as possible while you are jumping into the bhs. Keep pushing against the floor until your legs are completely straight and toes are pointed.

Another way to say this, is push all the way through your toes as you jump don't just lean back off of bent legs and flat feet.
Sep 21, 2008
If you have a pit, grab a foam block.

Head over to the tumble track.

Start by doing 1 standing flip flop with the foam block between your ankles/legs. Focus on keeping that block where it is!

Eventually, do more than 1 flip-flop. 2, 3.. make sure you hold that block through them all. After a while, your body will figure it out :)

If you dont have a pit, you can make it really hard on yourself and put a piece of paper between your ankles.

Good luck!



Start by doing standing BHS on air track or fast track
if your gym has one point those toes and you'll be fine

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