WAG Backhandspring on beam-realistic goal?

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Feb 20, 2013
I've been working on my backhandspring on beam, and I want to get it on the high beam by the end of the summer. I have been using panel mats on the side of a low beam and I can get my hands on almost every time, but I have trouble getting my feet on (and staying on). We practice much less in the summer than we do regularly, about twice a week for 3 hours, and only 1 hour to 30 minutes spent on beam. I want to know if my goal is realistic and if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve. Thanks!
Anybody have any suggestions? I am scared to even do it on a low beam with panel mats!!
I definitely think it's a realistic goal. For me, I was stuck on low beam for awhile, until that day that it just worked perfectly and my feet started sticking. After you get your hands on, it's only a matter of time until your feet get with the program. And as for tips... practice! Repetition is so great for getting skills!
p.s. This is not a coach or similar. Just a gymnast speaking from experience.
DD had a good progression. Lots of work on the floor beam then went to the high beam with a red mat around it. She was stuck there for awhile until she started to slowly back away from the mat until only her feet landed on it then just last week she stuck 3 in a row with out the mat at all. The slow progression of taking the red mat away helped a lot with the confidence.
Work your back handspring uphill onto a panel mat or 8 inch mat. The more you work up, the more your confidence will increase. If you are successful with every turn uphill you can start thinking if moving on.

Put a line on the panel mat. When practicing uphill also practice where to look. When you tumble backwards you get to see where you are going! A plus! Be sure to look for the line a moment before you place your hands, then look at where you want to put your foot to land.

Know that when you go to low beam, with panel mats... You are in a safe environment to try something new :)
You can definitely get it by the end of summer! That's my goal too :)
A couple drills we do are:
-Handstand holds in beam hand on high beam
-Backhandsprings up a hill
-backhandsprings up to a panal mat
What really helped me was to take away all the panal mats and put a sting(cushiony but not to thick) mat over the beam! Good luck!
Another great drill for me was placing a hill against the wall(fat side down) and doing a backhandspring to it, stopping in a split handstand against the hill. It really helps if the end of your bhs is kinda messy! :p
and only 1 hour to 30 minutes spent on beam.

Use as much of it as you can to work the bhs. You need four things to learn this skill, a back handspring that's easy for you to do, a tight core that helps you stay alingned and square to the beam, and the last two are time and numbers.... and numbers can reduce the amount of time it takes.

Your basic complaint is that your feet are missing the beam, right?

Do you have a hard time controlling your legs and landing on a floor line, because if you have a problem on the beam, but not on the floor, it's a pretty good indication you're (like so many of us) changing your tempo, rythym, or arch tension when you try them on the beam. Think for a moment....... why on earth would you change from your easy/best/used to bhs when it comes time to do them on the beam...... because beam is hard? Well, you may be the reason it's as hard as it is. Just believe a little in the logic of doing your best bhs, rather than a Frankenspring you conjured up for beam.
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Why am I so scared to do it with panel and yoga mats?

Have you worked bhs off the end of the beam onto a same height fold up mat with a line on it. It really helps you get used to the awkward foot placement you gotta use to start a bhs. You can also do this drill with a foldup that's slightly higher (about 2cm) than the beam.
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