Backhandspring Tips

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Nadia Comaneci

Can anyone give me some tips on doing a backhandspring?
I can get them down an incline, and on a tumbling track with spot.
Just make sure you get a really good push off from your legs. Oh yea...make sure you keep your arms straight and by your ears too! If you can already do it down and incline, try it on a big, squishy mat with a spot the first few times, and if your coachc says that you are ready to do it by yourself, just go for it! Good luck and welcome to the chalk bucket!
Good push off your legs means you have jumped as much as you can and your hips are fully extended ( no hip angle ).

Other than that, keep working on the strength/power of the lower, middle and upper body ( ability to jump [squat], ability to support [handstand and pushups], ability to torso flex ]leglift, arch to hollow]).

It can take a day to a week or so of practising it on a new surface to master it and move on. Kind of just depends. If you are ready to past it, it will happen that fast.
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