backhip circle ????????HELP !!!

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okay i want to do a back hip circle on a pretty low bar for a display i have soon im being told to keep my hips to the bar and drop my shoulders .. but how exactly do i keep my hips to the bars ????/what exactly am i to do ?????and DRILLS to help me PLEASE ????

Jul 29, 2007
Cast back, bring you hips back to the bar. Watch your toes as you go around and do not drop your head back. Don't pike your body around the bar or you won't get around the bar.


Bringing your hips back to the bar makes it easier to go around, when you cast don't try to go straight back, bring your hips back to the bar and then drop your hips to go backwards.

Also if you can make it around work on bringing your chest up faster every time.
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I've had a problem with these for a long time- I kept throwing my head back, which made me whiplash and crash.

The tip that did it for me was to trust myself- cast and keep my body straight until I hit the bar (the bar tends to automatically pike me anyway). If I try to pike before hitting, I whiplash or lose my momentum.
Another important thing is to keep my hands straight, or I might not make it around.

Best of luck.


Jul 5, 2007
I think saying "bring your hips back to the bar" is confusing to a lot of beginning gymnasts. The main problem I see with BHC attempts is coming back to the bar first and then trying to drop back. I tell girls to drop back to a "candlestick" position on the other side of the bar. Also for beginning gymnasts I don't have a problem with a slight pike, as long as the drop back is straight enough. If the gymnast is piking down from the cast on that side of the bar, that probably implies the shoulders were halted over the bar which is the major obstacle to completing this skill. Most of L1-4s I work with don't have the strength to maintain a perfect hollow throughout this skill while attempting it though, and I'm okay with them piking at the hips a little towards the end if it helps them keep their hips closer to the bar and finish in front support. I make them push up hollow ASAP when they finish and work on the shaping otherwise, but I really want them to get comfortable with an aggressive drop back and coming right up to front support.
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