Backwalkover ??conditioning help !!!:)

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I have a few questions

1)I can do my backbend with my feet shoulder width apart by myself but I need my coach to fall back with one leg in front of the other .... Any suggestions on how I can train myself to do it with one leg in front ??

2)do you lift your keg that you kick over with as you fall into a backbend ??

3)I have pretty good flexibilty in my shoulders (I can push them past my hands) but I can't get my kickover as part of a ticktock on a mat higher than floor level ... I have to move my hands in close to the mat ... Any suggestions on how I can get my hands closer to my feet without having to lift them ???

4)what strength and flexibilty do you need to perform a bAvkwalkover ???

5) when I do my bavkwalkover with my coach it's really good but my split in the middle isn't full .. Tips ??btw I can do splits on floor

6) when I do a backbend by myself I sometimes fall hard on my wrists ... Help ??

Sorry it's sooo long :p thanks soooooo much xxx


Oh my goodness. I sure hope my gymnasts don't think of a backbend as a fall. OW. Reach up, and when you're at the top of your reach, reach back for the floor.

If you think about getting to the ground as fast as you can (falling), you will. Your wrists will let you know about this.

As for doing it on one foot, you need to be centered on your leg and ready to go. I won't let my gymnasts reach up and back until they are standing on one leg, other one up off the ground, arms in the air and tight for a count of 5. That way I know and they know they're stable.

Your leg should ideally go up and over. If it thuds down in front of you (common issue) then it's going totally the wrong way.


First of all, you don't need to be able to do a 1-legged backbend. That sounds hard. I personally don't think a back walkover takes a lot of strength or flexibility, because I learned to do them way back when I wasn't very strong or flexible.

Try thinking of stretching up through your torso before you go. Remember that you have to arch your back quite a lot to do a backwalkover - make sure that as you go backwards, your back is arched and your hands are reaching towards your feet (although they don't actually have to be close to your feet). This should help with thudding down.

For the split in the middle of the walkover: Make sure that your front leg is "following" you as you go backwards. You want it to be moving up and over as you are arching backwards. This makes the walkover a heck of a lot easier. Then when you're on your hands, press both legs open to split. But right now you should just work on doing a good walkover without a spot, not trying to a 180 split already.

If your shoulders are flexible, they may be trying to compensate for an unflexible back. Do bridges to help your back be flexible enough for this skill.
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