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Jun 21, 2008
Region 3
I am having fear issues with my backwalkover on beam. I fractured my back in december, and have just now got it flexible enough to do my backwalkover on beam. I didn't have time to go to physical therapy during the school year, so ive only been doing it for about a month. I got my backwalkover on the low beam by myself, but each new practice i have to be spotted on the first couple. I am afraid that my hands will slip off because my back isnt flexible enough. Thats not the case, my back is plenty flexible, it's all mental. Today at gym i broke down after crashing with my coach once. It had been building up inside from fear and frustration with other tricks and was coming out sooner or later. So embarasing, especially cause i never cry in front of people. i didnt even cry when i fractured my back by peeling off the bar. I wasnt hurt, just scared and frustrated. I want to do it again by myself like i had before i got hurt, but am at a mental block about going backwards. I feel like when im on the beam its all airy and different than floor, or a line and cant make myself do it by myself. How can i get over this...? Please help!
as you stand there with your arms up ready to go, visualize yourself doing it perfectly, then count to 3 and go. or have your coach count for you. i have a girl scared of her bhs on beam because she missed her hands once... but for some reason counting to 3 really helps her out and she'll go... yeah she's screaming the whole way around but she still manages to go. have your coach spot the first one and free spot the 2nd one... have him/her take a step back every one so eventually you're doing it all by yourself knowing your coach isn't standing there.

also, what i tell my girls is you have to have confidence in yourself... you've done the skill before, you know you have the skill, be confident that you can do it.

"If you're afraid to fall you'll never get better" Shawn Johnson
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