Backwalkovers on Beam!!!

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I am sooooooooooooooo scared of balkwalkovers on balance beam! I worry about them to the point that I feel sick to my stomach when we go to beam. I have gotten better though, since last summer when I first got the mental block. What I did then, was I would just stand on the beam, and not go for a long, long time, and I wouldn't go unless a coach would stand there, spotting me (I really didn't and still don't need a spot). Now, I fling myself back into it without stretching up enough, so it really isn't safe. I know it is all in my head, and I need to stop freaking out, but what can I do to slow down so I won't end up hurting myself (and freaking my out even more)? Any help would be great. Thanks
it is all about numbers, patience, and comfort. build it solid from the floor to soft floor beam, floor beam, low medium beam and high beam with a portapit underneath or panel mats stacked up on each side.
Train yourself to do it right in the routine. When I was afraid of back handsprings on beam I used to do the few poses that went before it in my routine, stretch up, and had to go right away. So if you're a level six then you should do the weird bend and snap poses and the weight transfer, then train yourself to pull up before you go. Get a stand there spot for the first few if this makes you nervous. It really helped me and it helps some of the girls that I coach get over some fears. They do the pose and then go. They like it because they don't have as much time to be scared because they have to go right away.
Stretch up, look for the end of the beam, then go back. THrowing yourself back isn't safe and you know that. Finding the end of the beam with your eyes can be that extra "count" to make sure you reach up.
:)im a level 6 gymnast too. i never had much trouble, but maybe i can help. instead of flinging yourself into one, don't wait forever either. take a deep breath right before (like when your doing the poses right before it, or in the weight transfer). then count to 3, and on 3 go. i did that when i got kind of nervous. and last. when you go back, don't rush, take your time. i know it sounds odd, but its true. its harder to stick when you rush. Hope this helps!:)
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Thanks so much for all the help. I'm kind of frustrated right now because I was getting much better, and stretching up before I went, and then I had a meet on this past Saturday. When I was doing my backwalkover in warm-ups, I missed one hand, and came down on my face on the beam. I got back up and did another one, and it was ok, too fast, but my hands were on fine. Then I was practicing my routine just before I went up for the actual competition, and my hands kept slipping, because my feet were slipping on the floor. Needless to say, I got very nervous. However, I managed to do it in the routine (I fell off, but my hands were fine and didn't slip). Anyway, thanks Gym-Nice-Tics, this is what I always do when I am practicing. I won't go for it unless I do the weight transfers first. (not sure if that's good or bad). Thanks Coach Goofy, I try to do that extra count, but I the more nervous I am, the faster I go. My coach always tells me to count in the weight transfers, as in, in the weight transfer forward i count 1-2, weight transfer back, 3-4, wait, 5-6, go for the back walkover on 7-8. Well, I really should finish my homework now. Thank you all soo much.
The 8 count idea sounds like a good idea. Have you tried having someone else do the count for you, out loud? If you're own internal tempo is off due to being nervous it may help to have someone who can count it off evenly to listen to and follow.

I'm sooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!! I have really been working on slowing down my backwalkovers, and have gotton over the freaking out that came with the bad bwo in the meet. So at practice on on Monday I was doing my bwo, and just before I went, my coach told me to come out of my weight transfers, stretch, count to 2, then go. And I actually did:eek::D:D!!!! It was really good, and I think I finally am starting to be able to control them better, and am possibly being able to at least control my fear, if not begin to not be afraid. I can't wait to get back to the gym today so that I can do them again! Thank you all soooo much for your suggestions, they really helped me get to this point.
You just need patience...and tell urself that u CAN do this!
What i do is just take the freaking fear out of me....

Good Luck w/ur Backwalkover


Back Walk Overs Scary?

i used to have the same problem! i would just stand there ready to go, and wait and wat and wait, finaly a coach would come stand there! here's what i did....

1. have a coach stand there all the time, no matter how annoyed they might seem they are glad that you are taking the time to get better... you get more comfortable, have them move away a little, and more and more, eventuall it will come back.
3. if you still have trouble, move to a lower beam, once you are comfortable there, move back up, with help, and it will get there.

Hope that helps!
remaber patience is a great virtue, use it and numbers and consistancy help too!
This same thing used to happen to me just calm yourself down... 1 of the girls at my gymjust told me the worst thats gonna happen is that your feet miss the beam its not that bad i do mine on the lines in the gym then go 2 the short beam then the medium then the high they r rlly not that hard just think i can do them on floor u wont get hurt as long as they r staaright on floor!!!

OMG! i was the same way for about a year. My coaches would get angry at me because i didn"t need a spot but i would only go with them there. One day it just "clicked" and i did it by myself. Once you do it once, it's not as scary to do it a second time. Every practice when we did beam, i would have my coach spot me for one or two times, and then i would do them by myself. Good luck!
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