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Jan 9, 2008
Does it matter which leg you start with in the level 5 routine. My daughter was doing her backwalkover with I think her left leg and one of the coaches told her she has to do it with her right leg which she has trouble doing it with. (She is left handed). Is this just something they want to correct now instead of later on. Does it matter what leg you start with on the beam for level 6 or later on in optionals? Unfortunately she just got her backwalkover on the highbeam but with her left leg and last night at practice was told do it with her other leg and she fell.
There are skills in the compulsary routines which are designated as "reversable" and ones that are not. I know that the Level 6 backwalkover on beam is a reversable skill. Meaning, if you do it with the opposite leg you've done your other skills with, you will NOT receive a deduction. I don't have all my books in front of me right now, but my assumption would be if the backwalkover is reversable on beam, than it is also reversable on floor. So, she can compete it on the opposite leg and not incur any deductions.

I speak only from a judges point of few in terms of competitions and deductions, not necessarily training and progression.
The thought of doing a back walkover on high beam on my wrong leg is horrific. I cant believe she had the guts to go for it. As said above . She can just reverse it. It is not only safer but will likely take less deductions on her better leg.
I'm sure her coaches know which elements are reversable w/ no deduction, so Im thinking they have another reason.... which leg does she split on a back handspring step out?? If she ever wnats to connect a backwalker to a back handspring it needs to be the same leg split...??? Maybe she should just ask her coaches?
Not open for further replies.