backwards walkover on floor

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hello im in level 4 moving up to level 5 and i cant do a backwards walkover... on floor!! i know you must be wondering how i avoided it but i dont know! i can do them ok with a coach and we work lots on my shoulder and back flexibility but i cant do it, i cant even try and go back wards and land in brigde by myself :( i have got no idea what to do!!
You really need to master the backbend first. You could practice standing with your back to the wall, and walking your hands down into a bridge. Or practice on a resi/port-a-pit;everyone calls it something different it seems.
I train our gymnasts to do bridge kickovers first.. They practice on the big soft resi's going down and then graduate to the crash mat before the floor. When theyve mastered that then I start the whole process with their foot out with me spotting at one station and them proceeding around the mat stations.
I found the most effective way is to have a raised object like a box and do tick tocks (thats what they are called here in AUS) where you start of as a handstand and bring one leg down onto the box and then kick back over to standing position.

I find the tiered boxes that you can build up on and lower are the best. Start off at what is comfortable for yourself then gradually get lower boxes and eventually you should be able to do this on floor without boxes.

ALSO i just remembered whilst writing - have a coach spot them down a wedge. The slant makes it very easy to practice them.

You can also lye on your back and pop yourself up into a bridge and kick over.

I hope some of these suggestions help.

Thanks for reading =)

When you try to do a backbend is the issue flexibility or fear of going back? The suggestion of walking yourself down the wall is a good one - gets you used to going back. Good luck and don't give up !!!
um no, i havnt had it in and routines, i just felt bad bcos all the other girls can do it, and its a bonus for level 4... australian levels r different i think

Oh, sorry, I missed that you weren't in the US. In USAG L4 we have a handstand to bridge, kickover. Can you do a handstand to bridge? If not, I would work on this. What happens when you try to do a back bend? Do you collapse (bend your arms and legs)? This could also be a strength problem if you display adequate flexibility in a static bridge position.
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