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My youngest dd did her first backwards walkovers during her last gym session, she managed to do three by herself. Normally she gets spotted by the coach but the coach was busy with another girl. They have side stations set up, one of them was a block next to he crash mat that they have to put their got leg on before attempting a back bend and then trying to kickover, dd struggled with this but come up with an idea of getting a smaller spotting block (she choose a tube shape one), she then tried to do them again and did 3, dd told me that she got a smaller block as the other one was too high (she did this without being told too - I was proud of her for thinking that way instead of just skipping it).

Dd has only ever done a few backbends on her own before and the odd bridge kick over from the floor on her own before , she was really excited to be able to do the back walkover.
Good on her! And really good on her for thinking through the problem and coming up with a solution rather than just giving up.
That wash what I was most proud of, she even had the sense to go and get a block to reach the bar to do pull-ups instead of skipping them or standing there looking lost, she is starting to be less shy in her group and started to think things through, she also helped an older team mate who used the same barrel shaped block by holding it steady for her so it didn't roll while she was having her go.

On a non gym released thing my dd had to have two small fillings at dentist today and was scared, but she she got on the dentists chair and just laid there and let them get over it, she was fine and said it didn't hurt at all - they used numbing gel before giving her the shot to have her fillings, I think my dd has a tendency of being fearful and shy in some situations and has been like that since she was a baby and wouldn't smile at strangers who used to stick their head in her pram and smile at her. I am hoping that her gym and dentists experiences will help her be less shy as she gets older.
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