Parents Bailey's Level 7 Rock Star Invitational Meet

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Jan 27, 2009
myrtle beach
Hi All,
Back from Va, the Rock Star Invitational Meet. Bailey did really well, in the eyes of her mother anyway. Scoring was really tough with many lower than at most meets we attend. We thought they were not going to place but boy were we surprised. I guess they were low across the board. I am posting the video because at the end, the girl on her team did a dance to "Single Ladies" and it is so cute. Her scores were as follows:
Beam-7.985-fell and didn't complete BWO series
Bars-8.5-2nd Place
Floor-9.3 1st place
Vault - 8.975

Hope you enjoy the girls dance

YouTube - Level 7 Gymnastics - Rock Star Invitational 2009
She did a wonderful job on floor. Loved the team dance, that was a riot. Like the way the medals matched the warm ups too.
It's not too bad when the scoring is low, as long as it is consistent!

The dance was sooo cute. Was that their coach?

That meet seems like a nice tribute.
I loved the dance, they were so cute. And lets not forget congratulations on a great meet. I loved her floor and can't wait to se beam when she hits. Great meet.
Congratulations to Bailey for a Great Meet. I am so happy that you had a great time. VT is my daughter's US gym (we are in Tokyo now, but she is still the girl with the guitar on the flier:)). The parents and coaches worked so hard to make it a great meet and I love the fact that you and Bailey had a great time. I saw Coach A in the backgroud. She is a wonderful coach. You are very lucky to have her. Good luck the rest of the season and keep sharing. Bailey did GREAT! BTW...scoring was very low. I have heard it from many people, but it was consistently low.
It was a wonderful meet and we had a really great time. The fact that it is in memory of such a special gymnast makes it that much better. We love Ashley!! She is a great coach and I am sure that it was special for her to see her prior girls and be there with her new girls. Thanks for the nice words. Good luck to y'all.
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