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Gyminy Cricket

Does anyone else think that the gymnasts of this quad (with the exception of ASac) are more timid about the beam than those in the last quad. I mean, ASac, Nastia, Shawn, and the rest really attacked the beam head on. It seems to me like the 'new' senior elites aren't very aggressive on the apparatus. I don't know, it might just be me. What do y'all think? Are there any current elites that really seem intense and aggressive on the beam right now? Is that something they will have to become for the upcoming international competitions?
Have you seen Rebecca Bross? Not just on beam, but every event. She has very aggressive gymnastics, especially on beam and bars. She probably is even more aggressive than Shawn, aSac, or Nastia. She was just named to the 2010 World Team too. Watch her then. SHe is VERY aggressive. :huge:
To each her own. I don't know but Jordyn Wieber is one of my personal favorites along with Alexandra Raisman. Rebecca Bross doesn't hold much interest for me. But I cannot judge, considering I would have no clue where to begin, if I were up there at a high level show like that. I think that Jordyn and Alex attack the beam but with their own style.. you jsut have to know how to interpretate it... IMO
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