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Oct 26, 2007
DD's group has been working on learning some ballet at the gym and the coaches have trying been trying to impress upon the girls that they more ballet experiece they get the better their floor and beam will be. She told me yesterday after practice that she wants to take ballet. She told me that she wants to be a better gymnast so she needed to take ballet. I told her that I couldn't afford to also sign her up for ballet and also we just don't have it in the schedule. So she told me that she is going to practice on her own. She is going to put on her old "Bela Dancerella" DVD and practice to it. Then she said that was to babyish and she wants some way to practice. Any suggestions about what or how she can practice ballet? And is practicing going to do any good if she can't take a formal ballet class?
I'm not sure where you live, but if you live near or in a major city, there might be options. Two of Elizabeth's team members attend a ballet school that is part of the public school system which integrates ballet training with a public school education grades 4-12. There is no cost for this program. : : : : : : B a l l e t T e c h : : : : : :

Another option might be looking at a traditional ballet school. If there is one near you, you could check into applying for a scholarship.

If there are programs in the arts that include children in your area it might help to find other parents who might be 'in the know' about what's out there. I call this finding information via 'the park bench'. This method can be alot more reliable than a google search and other internet search options.

FWIW, Just taking ballet will not make anyone a better gymnast just on its own. It is really up to the individual to make the best use of their time while in class. Ballet is hard work and the results don't come immediately. Just as in gymnastics, having a good coach/teacher and program is very important to the progress of the child.

Good luck and I hope you can figure the best solution!!
We are lucky since all the team girls get 1 hour of ballet/week with an instructor that was a rhytmic gymnast. It doesn't turn them into prima ballerinas, but they do alot of work on extension, leaps, turns and flexibility.

Don't know of any DVDs specifically that would give her some ballet training at home and beware of many dance studios(I know you said that was not an option) because they try and sign girls up for classes that do recitals(much more money) and may not give her the instruction she needs to improve in gymnastics.

What about talking with the gym? Maybe they would/could set up a class for girls that are interested.
I don't know whether you are able to purchase DVDs from the British Gymnastics Shop?
Below is the link to a DVD which we own as a club and it is really useful.

Daniela Nanova was a rhythmic gymnast and is a very good choreographer. She is an excellent ballet teacher for gymnasts and takes the British teams, both artistic and rhythmic for their classes.

The DVD is good, but It would be useful if your DD had someone to supervise her doing the exercises as it is important they are done correctly. If they are done wrong she will develop poor technique.
Thanks for the replys. I called the Y and they were actually more expensive then a private studio. I have thought about going the DVD route but I am little concerned about her learning incorrectly.
My daughter gets ballet every week at her gym, all the team girls do, and it has really helped her to be more aware of making things pretty and graceful. I don't think she has the patience to do ballet as a class, but her ballet teacher at the gym keeps it fun so she enjoys dance each week. :)

I would mention it to the gym as well, maybe they could do a ballet class. Others might be interested as well.
DD gym also brings in a ballet instructor that is a requirement for team. Now that it is summer it is also a requirement for the boys team. It is built right into the rotations that they will do. The girls grumble, but it really does make a difference.
Maybe you can look into your towns local recreaction center, I know our cities have ones that have reasonable dance classes. I would also look into some private dance studio's there might be some around that are more reasonable, alot of them offer combination classes that also do jazz and tap. I am not sure if the dance helps the gymnastics or the other way around my daughter has been in dance since she has been 2 and has been on the gym team for 2 years but I noticed that her dancing has improved so much anyway I think both things definitely enhance one another.
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