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Beetle and her Dad went to the Harley Meet this weekend. I stayed home with our other 2 kiddos, Middle DD had a dance recital on Saturday night. She Danced great!

DH and Beetle left Friday afternoon. Beetle was already feeling a little better, she had been on antiboitics for almost 24 hours ( after being diagnosed with a sinus infection on Thursday). They made it to Milwaukee to see our Level 7's compete.

My First concern was that DH wouldnt get Beetle to bed early enough since they had an 8 AM meet time. Both Beetle and DH are night owls! I talked to them at 9:30 and Beetle was already in bed resting. whew...

Second concern was that DH wouldnt get Beetle UP in time for the 8 am meet. He sent me a text at 7:45 confirming that they made it to the meet! whew....

Strangely enough, I wasnt too concerned about the meet itself... But I did get updates via text message from my DH... and since have seen the video..

They were up on Vault first. Beetle is still competing the 1/2 on 1/2 off start value of a 9.1.. She got a 8.5! WOO HOO.. that the her second highest vault score of the year.

Onto bars.. as you all know she has stuggled a bit on bars.. starting with even competing her pirouette. Her season high is a 8.35. This is the text message i got. UB 8.85. WHAT? WHAT? couldnt believe it..her highest bar score ever.. apparently, she was almost crying after her bar score.

Beam.. She connected her flight! but then didnt get credit for her switch leap.. so her sv was a 9.5. She got a 8.55.. heck we will take it.

At this point DH Called me... He was practically hyperventalating. He figured out she needed a 9.1 to get her first 35... her first 35 EVER.. He has been wandering around the venue and found a 35 AA pin.. he told me.. "I want to buy her that pin so bad.. I want to get her that pin!!"

Her floor has been really good this year.. scoring in the low 9's in her last 4 meets. She did a nice clean routine... and scored... a 9.35!!! HOLY COW.. her highest single event score ever...

Giving her a 35.25 and letting her daddy buy her that 35 AA pin...

I dont know who was more excited him or her! LOL..(from the reports from our other team mom's He was.. they all got the biggest kick out of his reaction when he saw the score, I was hoping someone would video it!)

She placed well too, 7th on vault, 5th on Bars, 9th on Beam, 5th on Floor and 8th in AA (they gave medals 6 places out.. )

So.. needless to say - I am not allowed at meets any more since she is convinced that DH is her good luck charm. Heck, if she keeps doing that well I will be glad to stay home (well, maybe)

Now she has 2 weeks before the last regular meet of hte season.. she is working hard on hitting that pirouette on top of the bar and connecting her flight. She was even working tsuk's again this week.

From the beginning of the season when we didnt know if she would even qualify for state , She is now shining out there.. and talking Level 9 next year.. I am very proud of her.. and of my hubby for getting her there, to the meet and back with no fights or tears (well maybe some tears of joy.. but those are welcome!)
Oh I am crying with you, what a sweet treat to do so well with Dad there. I love the pin tale, what a lovely thought.

Beetle must be so up with her great acheivments, so much to be proud of. Nice scores, especially with the sv's. Great job.

SO what are you going to do now you can't go to meets, take up knitting or something?
Congrats to Beetle--awesome scores!! Also congrats to Dad for getting her there on time. I am glad that you guys had the early time, Bug competed at 2:20pm on Sunday and the drive home was horrible.

Good luck to her at States.


I told you I always hear about how good the girls do when their mom's aren't able to make it! Why is that????!!!! My DD has said that she wants DH to come to her states, because she feels more nervous with him there. Maybe that's it.

Glad to her she did so great!
What a great meet report...I felt like I was there! So sweet that your dh thought of the pin and WOW, awesome meet for your dd....what a great day!!
Wow:):) I am so happy for her and the both of you too:)
She did awesome and tell her Congratulations on her 35.35 AA score. That is fantastic!!!!!!
Ahh, your post made me cry. What an amazingly sweet and proud daddy. Give him a hug. Beetle did amazing! I would tell her you aren't going and then sneak in and watch. LOL. :)
What a wonderful meet report, I am so happy for Beetle (and Dad.) This is a real confidence booster heading into the next meet and hopefully States.

Maybe you shouldn't go to the next meet... :scratchchin: (only kidding!)
Nice scores! Way to go. My DD does the same vault. I don't see it very often, nice to hear of someone else doing it. This weekend however, she will do her tsuk first( to try!) then the 1/2 & 1/2. Wish her luck!
Sweet story about the pin. Daddies are great, wrapped around those little fingers aren't they?
What a fabulous meet! Congratulations on the personal bests. Way to go Beetle
Way to go Beetle great meet! Sounds like she found her lucky charm! I have often wondered how my dd would do if I was not at a meet ,I will have to find a dad to hire.
I have to tell you that I cried when I read your post. Your husband calling and saying ," I want to get her that pin...", oh that just got me going! What a good dad and what a fantastic meet! I bet this will be a special memory for them both!
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