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Hi everyone!
I have had some problems on bars lately and it's really starting to frustrate me! I really enjoy bars but sometimes everything goes backwards.
Recently, I had a big competition and my bars improved ALOT during the runup to it. But now it's going backwards again!:(
Does anyone know why this would be happening? my coach thinks it has something to do with "Take two steps back, Take 3 steps foward" but I'm not sure!
Is there any strength I can do?
Please help me!!
well my routine basicly. Which is Glide Kip, Cast clearhip circle, kip series, pop on, long kip, layout flyaway.
Mostly the kidps are my downfall but my routine was flowing a week ago and now its bad:(
My best advice - practice like it's a competition, compete like it's practice. When they balance out as one and the same, you will find your consistency.

Many many gymnasts have this trouble. It's normal. When you have the right mind set, that you can do the skills, it's just like practice, and youre doing it for the sake of doing it (and not for a score), you will start feeling better, and see a change.

It can also be that youre tired. If you were anxious about competition, you may not have slept well, or you might be getting sick.. There are many reasons... again.. all of them normal!!

Dont worry so much about it. Have fun!!

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