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are there rules for gymnasts to have certain bar settings at level 9?
I don't believe there are any, but I'll have to double check. Just to clarify--you're talking about USAG level 9...right? are the requirements I've found:

1. Junior Olympic Uneven Bar Specifications
a. Based on the best interest of the gymnast's safety, it is permissible to adjust the High Bar and/or Low Bar to a height which exceeds (or is lower than) the FIG specifications. Regardless of the measurement, the rails must be adjusted only to a position that locks-in with a dual locking mechanism that meets the manufacturer's recommended safety parameters.

b. The distance (spread) between the bars may be set to the preference of the athlete, provided that after such adjustment, the bars remain within the allowances identified by the manufacturer of the apparatus.
• For equipment that has a slider mechanism on both bars, it is strongly recommended that the low bar slider remain in the highest position, and that adjustments are made only with the high bars slider. This will expedite changing of bar sets during competition.

2. FIG/Elite & Pre-Elite Specifications: High bar: 246 cm (+ 1 cm); Low bar 166 cm (+ 1 cm) measured from the floor to the bottom of the rail. The maximum height difference between the bars is 80 cm + 3 cm. Horizontal distance between the bars: Bars must close to a minimum of 130 cm and extend to a maximum spread of 180 cm; spread is measured on the diagonal from the inside of the LB to the inside of the HB.
• The bar may be raised if the athlete's feet/seat touch the landing mat when swinging. If it is necessary to raise one bar, the other bar MUST also be raised an equal number of notches.

*There are other specifications such as mat height requirements and what not. They can be found on the same webpage that I found the above informaiton.

I found this info at:

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