Bars. Holding me back

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I am a level 7 gymnast, but on bars I would say my skill level is still at level 5! I onlt got moved up because I can do all the skills on bars, but my skill level on every other event is 8/9. My problem with bars is that my kip is very inconsistent. I get up 95% of the time but half of the time i hvae to muscle it up. I need to learn how to get that up to my hips all the time and cast. CASTING! I cannot cast out of anything. thats why my coach is just having my routine be kip squat on jump to high bar, kip, cast giant giant layout flyaway. What can I do to help my kip and start casting better?
Hmmmmm...Maybe you have to work more on your core strength so you can get that 'kipping action'.
You might also need to do more kip drills; I remember doing those kip drills where your coach holds your legs in pike, then releases so you get the casting action out of the kip.
Another drill is when you lean back (push away from the bar, like the last stages of a kip but in reverse) and glide out partially in an L sort of shape, or trying to keep your feet to the bar in a V shape and then swing back up to front support. I'm sure I made that sound more complicated then it needed to be.

Here's a good video YouTube - Kipping and Casting drills

The third drill illustrates best what I'm trying to say, so you could try doing those drills, and work it up until you can do the same without a box/mat/thing, and with both feet remaining at the bar with just your core strength!
We used to call them 'drop kips'.

Hope this helps!
(and that you could decipher what I was trying to say!)
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I have a similar problem all apparatus except bars is approximately level 6ish standard and bars....lvl 4....:( it makes me mad
When doing a kip extend your glide out and then quickly pull your toes to the bar, the glide extension may help you get more swing into your kip. As for casting, lean over the bar and stay in a hollow position, arching will cause your belly to sag and make it harder. The leaning will allow you to cast higher (this has always been my problem)
Thank god I'm not the only one with bar kip is SOO inconsistent and so is my squat on. Actually, I don't think I've gotten my squat on all season. I'm yet to get a 9 on bars because I always fall on those requirements, plus I don't even have a clear hip yet so there's another huge deduction.
Anyway, back to the kip. I've found when I don't concentrate as hard I get the kip. I just kind of attempt it, keep my mind off of it and get up on the bar. Not to say I don't try to keep the technique similar but try to just not waste your energy pushing your jump at the beginning and in your glide. :)
Bars is all about timing. Not only do you have to do your skills, but you have to connect them, making it doubly hard.

Conditioning of the arms can help a lot with kips and casts. Your arms do pretty much all the work, so you need to make sure they are strong.

The kip, is pretty much all timing. I'd recommend watching other gymnasts on Youtube or in the gym to see their timing. I'm sure you'll noticed that they all have generally the same timing for everything. You firstly need to jump with your hands OVER the bar to start. I still can't make a kip if my hands aren't over, and I'm level 8.
Make sure to extend fully in your glide swing. If you aren't using all of your speed, it is going to be really hard to get up in the kip.
Finally, pull up! I've heard that a kip is like putting on pants, not putting on covers. You need to keep the bar close to your legs on the way up.
The third exercise in the video limabean.19 gave helped me so much when I was learning to cast out of kips! The only thing I did differently than the girl in the video is actually cast out of it. I pushed up from squat on the box like she did, but I held my toes in front and casted out everytime. It's harder, but it really gives you the feeling of how much you have to lean over the bar, and how long you have to hold your toes at the bar to do the cast.

Good luck!!
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