Bars! Level 9 requirements

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DD is working on a few skills which I have no idea what they are and what requirement they fulfill. Pac salto? and a pike squat on thingy then swing under and catch the high bar. Is there a bonus for these? Does the pac have more bonus than the bail?

Also, is it better to do a double on the floor or a 1 1/2 front tuck or pike?

Next, if she has already a back tuck, bhs-bhs, side ariel and roundoff full on beam...would it make the bonus more if she did a bhs tuck, since she already has two flight elements? Would it be better to connect a jump after the back tuck?

Let me know suggestions, she wants the bonus!!! Thanks
Also, is it better to do a double on the floor or a 1 1/2 front tuck or pike?

In FIG, a double-back and a back layout 1 1/2 twist are the same value. Thus, assuming the front tuck or pike ends up among the counting skills, the 1 1/2 punch front would be better. However, there would be no connection bonus, merely the addition of an A, and depending on what the rest of her routine is, this may not make any difference at all.

I'm going by FIG values; there are several skills which are valued differently for JO than for FIG, and a double-back might be one of them. I'm not sure.

Can anybody else help here? I don't know optional-level JO rules for girls very well.
I did a 1 1/2 punch front on floor and it was one of my favorite passes. I was working 1 1/2 punch front full when I had to retire. I can't remember if they're worth different values. Try looking on the USAG website. For this one I think it's really up to the gymnast. I personally think that there are more options with the 1 1/2 punch front something.

As far as the pac salto and the pike on shoot up to the high bar thingy. Pac salto serves as a bar to bar release, which is required for level 9. It will also serve as a bar to bar release and/or a second release for level 10. In level 10 the gymnast is only allowed to do a tuck on (squat on) once in their routine, I'm not sure if that rule applies for level 9 (i can't remember). The pike on shoot up to the high bar release will serve as a transition skill. I believe that there is no bonus for the pike swing down release skill. I believe there is only bonus for the pac salto if it is connected before or after a C or D level skill. I will ask at work tonight, one of my coworkers is a judge.

As far as beam goes; go for learning the handspring tuck or handspring layout. For level 9 I don't believe it is a requirment to have an areial skill (flipping skill). They do however have to have a flight series, such as handspring handspring. I can't recall if it would be bonus to do a handspring tuck as a level 9--again, i'll have to ask at work.

Adding a jump before or after the standing tuck would meet a gym-acro requirment (leap/jump and acro (handspring, roundoff, back tuck, etc). I believe there is still a gym-acro requirment. I don't believe there would be bonus for that one, but there might be depending on the skills and jumps.
Ok...another note because the other one was so long.

bonus on bars: one way to get bonus on bars is to connect two releases or certain skills that are of the D level (i believe you can recieve up to .1 bonus for connect C & D skills but that may not longer be the case). I asked my coworker and here's what she said.

The easiest way to get bonus on bars is to do the following sequence:
blind change, front giant, half pirouette out (not sure if i spelled that correctly). You can also recieve bonus for doing two C level skills in a row.

Beam wise--definitely go ahead and work on the handspring tuck/layout. Also, there is no longer a requirement for a gym-acro, but definitly go for the jump before or after the standing back tuck.
Sure thing--hopefully I was some help. Let me know if I can help you with anything else.
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