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Jun 9, 2022
Hi everyone! I have a level 7 gymnast who had a beautiful bar routine all year. She did the most basic routine, with a clearhip to giant to layout all year. She now is having a mental block and cannot connect any of the skills, only does them separately, and can’t flyaway unless it’s out of a tap swing. We have nationals in two weeks and she’s stressing a lot. If she did her clearhip on the low bar and then a giant into a baby giant underswing counter tap flyaway right away would that count as an extra tap swing for her? And any suggestions about mental blocks would be awesome!


Mar 20, 2022
I know I'm not a coach but something that helps me get through mental blocks is to go back to the basics. So if you have to do heavy spotting or go over a pit or do lots of drills, do that! Also, don't put any more pressure on her than there already is! Pressure definitely makes mental blocks worse. Then remind her she has done it hundreds of times before (I'm assuming here).
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