Coaches Bars settings for the TALL gymnast?

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Is there a standard formula for determining an appropriate bar height in relation to a gymnasts height? My dd is 5'6" level 7. The bars have become a stumbling block. She is expected to conform to the shorter gymnasts settings on bars however on vault, the table is adjusted. This has not always been her weak event, but how much "hollowing out" can one really expect and is piking thru the bars a deduction? There seems to be a great disadvantage on bars to be tall, but we are looking for some advise here. The coach states that the bars are "standardized" , and the girls need to adapt. But, where is the line between adaption and unrealistic settings?
I believe there is a deduction for piking as the gymnast swings past the low bar. What I use to determine bar height it to take the tallest gymnast and have them hang on the high bar--then push them back so that their toes touch the low bar (not standing on the low bar, but hanging with almost a straight body). Doing this will allow you to set the bars at the height of the tallest gymnast, and they can still hollow (scoop) as they go past the low bar without hitting their feet.

It is true that it is typically easier for shorter girls to adapt to a bar setting, and I preferred them to be farther apart (I'm 5'2''). I believe that if the gymnast is hollowing past the low bar and still smacking their feet off the bar then the bars are too close--there is only so much hollow that a gymnst can do between their shoulders and body. My coach used to set the bars for the tallest gymnast (unless the gymast was my 6'0'' teammate, then he'd set the bars for the teammate that was 5'8'') and we'd all adapt to the bar setting.

Hopefully that helped to answer your question--if not, please let me know.
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