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Feb 11, 2016
Hi -- would love to hear about anyone's experience with the Bart Conner 3-day summer camps (Oklahoma). We'd be driving from out of state and I want to make sure it's worth it. Specifically, were you happy with their investment in your gymnast as an outsider (as opposed to "one of their own," an easier investment)? What did your gymmie come away with -- refinement of technique? New skills? Ah-ha moments? (I know, different for every gymnast, but ...) Did they staff it with their "best" coaches? (Sometimes at our gym's summer camps, they rely on less-experienced coaches and it ends up being more fun than work ... not that that's bad (or has to be mutually exclusive), but I'd just as soon not leave home for that.) Was there any partnering with the OU team or coaches, or is Bart Conner totally separate?

Thanks in advance for any advice or feedback you have about these camps.
Not open for further replies.