WAG Beam back handspring troubles

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Oct 23, 2016
I can do a backhand spring on floor with pretty straight arms but once I try to put my hands together my body just collapses. All my coaches are inexperienced high school boys so they can't help me with anything.
It is also very difficult for us to help youif we have not seen you do the skill.

It is very concerning that you are doing skills like this with inexperienced high school boys to coach. These skills can be xtremely dangerous if not taught properly.

I don't know wha the laws are in your country, but in my country you are not allowed to coach these skills without the appropriate qualifications.
My daughter was not allowed to do this skill with out proper coaching, but tumbling up is something the girls do at her gym. The mats get higher the weaker the arms are. The girls that had bent arms or trouble doing this skill also were required to condition more to help them
The up onto the panel matt back-handsprings are extremely helpful for gaining height and fixing bent arms... also about the coaches.. that seems to be a problem.
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