For Parents Beam bhs requirement for Xcel Platinum

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Aug 16, 2022
Hi there. My daughter is an Xcel Gold gymnast (14 yrs old) who is looking to move up to platinum this season. She has almost every requirement she needs except a front salto pass on floor. However, one of her coaches is requiring that the current XG girls have a bhs on beam to move up to platinum. She has a cartwheel cartwheel that she could use instead of a flight skill but coach wants flight. Most of the xg girls on the team are 13-16, and according to DD, none are close to bhs on the high beam with no mats or spot. Is this a normal requirement for XP? Should we talk to the coach?
Thank you!

Coach Kate

Oct 13, 2021
Different gyms have different requirements. We don't even require it for diamond - a lot of ours do a round off or dive cartwheel for flight. But each gym can make its own individual policies.
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Proud Parent
Jan 3, 2016
This is not a requirement at dd's gym even for diamond. Most platinums at her gym do roundoff or cartwheel/cartwheel. But, like the previous poster said, gyms can have their own set of requirements.
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