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Beam BWO harder than BHS?

Discussion in 'Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)' started by merritt, Jan 12, 2018.

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  1. Technically speaking BHS is considered harder.

    In the International code of points a BWO is an A value skill, and a BHS is a B value skill.

    From there every gymnast will have their own preferences.
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  2. IMO, BHS are easier skill-wise, but induce more fear. My older daughter prefers BHS or cartwheel. She HATES any kind of walkover - front, back, floor, beam, doesn't matter. She's very strong, but struggles with flexibility (for a gymnast).

    Now, when I was a gymnast, I preferred BWO to BHS because I was really flexible so it never hurt and it wasn't as scary to me. I hated cartwheel on the beam, which I didn't do for very long (because it was awful). Or any front/side tumbling because I was NOT a fan of the blind landing thing. I'd rather not see going into it (during back tumbling) than see where I'm going but not where I'm landing (during front tumbling). I'm always impressed with people like Brenna Dowell who are so good at front tumbling, because I was terrible at it. :p

    ETA - I think really good BWOs are rare. Someone on youtube or somewhere just posted a video of a girl qualifying to junior elite (the compulsory beam routine), and that BWO is a thing of beauty. I don't remember the name, but it was gorgeous. Anyway, I know that technically speaking people say that BWO is easier than BHS (and it's that way in the ICOP, an A skill vs B skill), but if you just look at some level 5-8 meets and watch girls do them... the form is almost always better on a BHS than on a BWO.
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  3. Interesting, thank you!
  4. I saw the video of that BWO! It was absolutely incredible. She brought her leg to her nose before going back. I had to watch it several times I was so amazed!
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  5. Whoa that sounds so cool! Do you have a link by any chance??
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  6. I really think bhs is easier only for those who struggle with back flexibility
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  7. Finally found it! Mia Viola - elite compulsory qualifier. The whole thing is incredible but the BWO is at about 0:45sec in.
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  8. Wow! That IS incredible! Thanks for sharing. She has to be one of the most flexible gymnasts I’ve ever seen!
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  9. I was much like your daughter. I felt that the backhand spring on the beam was much easier than the back walkover. And I did not have any flexibility issues. For me, I always had backhand spring hands in my back walkover, so it made it difficult to ever stick. I was also way more nervous to do my back walkover on the beam than my back handspring. Til this day, I will do a back handspring on the beam over a back walkover any day ( about 8 years after I quit).
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  10. My daughter has her BWO on beam but not her bhs. She has a very flexible back and shoulders (she has to really work on her leg flexibility.) I think she is a ways off on her bhs. I do know there is a least one girl on her team that really struggles with the flexibility for a good BWO (even on the floor) and they have pretty much given up on the BWO on beam and are focusing on the bus for her (at least according to her!)
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  11. DD is one that a BHS is way easier for her. When her heel flairs up she will do BWO, but prefers the BHS on beam. She also prefers BHS BHS on beam to BWO BHS. I always find it odd, but I'm glad she works them both. I'm sure it will change up every once on a while.
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  12. Puma Jr will tell you she likes BHS on beam better, but her BWO is cleaner right now than her BHS. She actually hates beam CW and swears its harder than either. Crazy sport....lol I think, like others have said, a lot of it is preference.
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  13. It was MIA Viola I think. It was so beautiful!
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